french bulldog winter coats

The Best French Bulldog Winter Coats In 2022

Have you ever noticed that your Frenchie starts to shiver and raise its legs when spends plenty of time outside in low temperatures? Well, those are only some of the signs that point out the issue with regulating body temperature. French bulldogs can’t live in a cold climate, so we have to think about how to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed during the winter months. To keep your pooch safe next time you go for a winter stroll, we recommend you wrap it in one of our French bulldog winter coats!

They are specially made to suit their unique bodies and support their activities.

french bulldog winter coats

Do French Bulldogs need coats in winter?

Since the winter season is closer than ever, it’s the ultimate time to start thinking about how to make your dog comfortable. These little gremlins go through a real-life struggle when spending time in cold weather. They start to tremble, shiver, pant, breathe fast, deal with rapid heart rate, and raise their legs while walking on icy and cold pavements.

French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls and short hair which means they need an extra layer to stay cozy and comfortable.

How do you dress a French bulldog in the winter?

Besides dressing your dog in padded and thick jackets, you also have to think about their paw protection. Note that your furry friend regulates its body temperature through those tiny body parts by sweating. That’s why putting on protective boots or socks is overneeded.

French bulldog boots will not only serve as mechanical protection against road salt and ice melt chemicals but will also improve traction and mobility on slippery terrains.

What are the best picks of French bulldog winter coats?

When it comes to nature-made protective shields (fur), some dogs don’t require wearing protective clothes. Dog breeds such as Siberian Husky or Shiba Inu already have rich and thick coats, so they can freely enjoy winter adventures with their owners. However, they still need lightweight coats to stay dry when walking in snowy or rainy weather. Besides, protective footwear will also be of great help since its main purpose is protecting the paw pads from harmful chemicals.

French bulldog winter coats should represent must-have items in your dog’s closet. Depending on the weather conditions in your country, you can choose between lightweight or padded dog jackets. We are sure you’ll find your favorite pick on our list.

Puffer French Bulldog Jumpsuit

In case you’re searching for a clothing pick that will provide your dog with complete protection, then we recommend you check the following jumpsuit. It’s warm and extremely soft, so your lovely pet will feel comfortable and relaxed during any type of activity. This Frenchie jumpsuit features a zipper closure on the back and comes with a sewn harness made from nylon webbing. So, if your pet gets very excited every time you have to go outside, then this French bulldog clothing pick will be a life-savior solution.

Dog Face French Bulldog Windbreaker Jacket

Even though this French bulldog winter coat is lightweight, it’s still warm enough to keep your pet safe in harsh weather because of the fabric and excellent insulation it gives. The jacket is available in so many colors and sizes and comes with elastic drawstrings on both sides around the belly. Since you’ll certainly enjoy going on night walks with your furry friend, we’ve put reflective stripes on both sleeves.

Cotton Teddy French Bulldog Vest

If you’re searching for a gentle and stylish French bulldog coat, look no more than this one! It’s available in beige and baby blue colors and features a hood decorated with Teddy bear ears. This coat features a faux fur inner layer and button closure to ease the dressing. Whether you want to put your dog in the center of attention or only make it cute and warm, this jacket will be the right pick!

french bulldog winter coats

Polar Fashion French Bulldog Jacket

You’re gonna looove this Frenchie jacket not only because it’s made of the highest-quality fabric, but also because it’s inspired by the famous human fashion brand. It features zipper closure and glossy waterproof fabric that will keep the rain and snow off your dog’s fur.

french bulldog winter coats

Camo French Bulldog Harness Vest

This pick of French bulldog winter coats is for those four-legged explorers who love to investigate their environment. The vest features waterproof polyester on the outside and comes with a sewn harness which will make your pet ready for a walk in a few seconds. Instead of buying a separate harness for your French bulldog, your dog can now feel both warm and safe. Since some dogs don’t love dressing up, the zipper is placed on the back for better coziness.

french bulldog winter coats

Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Providing your dog with premium warmth is not the thing to think about. When it comes to these little fellows, warm clothing is a must-have for the winter season. This dog parka is perfect for daily walks and staying safe from hyperthermia. The warm lining helps the dog to keep its body temperature within optimal limits, while the shiny outer layer and fur-rich hood will put your batpig in the center of attention. In case you don’t need to use the hood you can simply remove it and put it back in case of rain or snow.

frenchie winter coats

French Bulldog Hooded Jacket

This amazing pick of French bulldog winter coats will be the favorite item of Frenchies who love spending time outside. The jacket is ensured with zipper closure on the belly and a cotton hood that is lightweight and soft. It’s filled with pp cotton and perfect for crispy and breezy winter days! You can choose between 2 colors and machine wash it in cold water.

french bulldog winter coats

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