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Top 8 French Bulldog Crates in 2020

Deciding what type of crate to choose for your Frenchie plays a big role in their crate training and teaching a dog to spend time alone. When we talk about French bulldog crates, we don’t mean on dog cages. A crate can present a simple dog bed, baby gate, or an open x-pen. Here are some of the ideas that can help you choose the right crate for your pooch!

How to choose the best French bulldog crates?

Before choosing a dog crate, it’s essential to take into account several facts. The first one is your dog’s age. If your Frenchie puppy is still small, you can leave it to spend time in a baby gate or an x-pen. They provide a dog with enough space to sleep and play by keeping it safe at the same time. Since you can’t stay beside your puppy 24h a day, this French bulldog x-pen presents a perfect choice when you have to finish errands at home.

french bulldog crates

The second factor that may affect choosing French bulldog crates is a dog’s age. Older dogs often require napping and resting on orthopedic Frenchie beds that are filled with memory foam. Memory foam is very soft and cozy and forms according to a dog’s body. Arthritis in French bulldogs can progress into a very painful condition if it’s not prevented on time. Therefore, sleeping on specially crafted beds may help a lot! The following one comes in many sizes and four colors.

french bulldog crates

French bulldog’s size is the third factor that affects choosing the crate. Since the crate can present a dog bed, we recommend you to choose a big enough so your dog can stretch all over it. When buying a French bulldog bed, make sure you measure the size of your pooch. A dog should have enough space to put his head and stretch the legs. The following Frenchie World ultra-soft durable bed comes in many sizes and comes with elevated edges.

dog bed

What is your dog’s style of sleeping?

We all know that every dog sleeps in a different way. Some Frenchies like to burrow deep inside the bed, while others adore stretch all over the mattress. Therefore, we recommend you to consider this feature as well. Frenchie World donut cuddler bed presents a great solution for those gremlins who adore the snuggled feeling. It is made of soft fabric and filled with silicone lining. Older pooches can also experience many benefits of sleeping on this bed.

frenchie bed

In case your Frenchie adores spending time beside you on a couch, the following cave house might sound perfect. It will keep your sofa clean from your dog’s hair, and it’s machine washable. When teaching your dog to spend time in French bulldog crates, there are some items that may help you. For example, dogs adore the scent of their owners. That’s why it would be a good idea to leave your piece of clothing in your batpig’s crate. In that way, he/she will feel safe and patiently wait for you to return.

french bulldog crates

French bulldog separation anxiety VS. French bulldog crates? How they can help?

There are many studies that have shown that dog crates can decrease a Frenchie’s anxiety. Since it’s in a dog’s genes to have a safe place for sleeping, crates present their oasis of peace. That’s why French bulldog crate training plays a huge role in preventing a dog from this health issue.

It also should be noted that French bulldogs are companion dogs that don’t like to spend time alone. They live and work for their masters. That’s why dog crates may help in dealing with loneliness. Frenchies are especially familiar with their burrowing behavior. It’s one of the ways how they deal with stress. Therefore, I recommend you consider buying a dog house that is closed on one side.

The following Frenchie House Shark is washable and comes in different colors. It’s perfect for winter days when your dog needs some extra warmth.

french bulldog crates shark

Frenchie World Tent is another option to choose for a crate. It’s large enough to put inside your Frenchie’s toys, so he’ll be less prone to chewing on home items. Toys help a lot in dealing with stress because they distract a dog’s attention and help them improve their intelligence.

frenchie tent

The pineapple dog house is another favorite pick of Frenchie owners. It looks attractive to dogs and is made in two sizes. This dog house comes with a removable pillow and can provide your Frenchie with a warm and safe feeling during winter.


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