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What Is The Best Diet For A French Bulldog?

Choosing the right diet for a French bulldog might sound challenging. It’s because this breed is on a higher tendency to experience digestive issues and show allergy to certain ingredients. To make sure that the food you’re feeding your Frenchie suits his belly, here are the facts to consider.

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Consider your dog’s nutritional needs

When choosing a diet for a French bulldog, it’s essential to know how to recognize the signs of food intolerance. Painful flatulence and gasses releasing can happen not only because they eat fast but also because of the harmful ingredients. When feeding a junior Frenchie, it’s recommended to include a diet that contains at least 50% of proteins. Since they require a high-calory diet to develop properly, this is more than essential.

Eating low-fat meat such as chicken breast (without skin) and fish can leave many benefits to your dog’s body. Since senior French bulldogs possess lower energy levels, their diet should include at least 25-50% of proteins. Depending on your dog’s activity, you should determine the amount of meat intake.

diet for a french bulldog

A cheap diet for a French bulldog is forbidden

We are all aware of the fact that our dogs will be healthy as long as we invest in their health, care, and diet. That’s why it’s not advisable to feed these little gremlins with cheap dog food. It’s usually rich in artificial colors, additives, and flavors that smell attractive to dogs. It should be noted that those are completely needless ingredients that have no charitable effect.

The French bulldog breed is the one that can show allergic reaction by eating such type of food. In the end, the only thing you’ll get is a dog’s weakened immune system and spending money on high medical bills. Therefore, my advice is to wisely choose a diet for a French bulldog. Many dog owners are not aware of the fact that cheap dog food is rich in ‘bad’ calories and that can make your Frenchie overweight.

Is a grain-free diet the best pick or your French bulldog?

You may have heard that a grain-free diet helps in keeping a dog away from allergies. Food producers often use corn, oats, rice, wheat, and barley because they are the cheapest ingredients for food production. On the other hand, grains present important digestible nutrients that provide our canines with energy and vitamins that are essential for their digestive systems.

However, the truth is quite different because beef, pork, and other fat meats can trigger irritations too. Therefore, to make sure what are the exact ingredients that your Frenchie should avoid eating, my advice is to try the elimination diet. Before you put your batpig on this diet, it’s important to ask your vet how to perform it exactly. It requires feeding a dog with only one different ingredient every day until you notice reactions.

Switch to a BARF diet for French bulldogs

Is there anything better than being able to control your dog’s menu? A biologically approved raw diet (BARF) includes feeding a dog with raw and fresh food. It’s the best way to control Frenchie’s food intake because the owner becomes the only one who will tailor the menu. Since dogs are carnivores that used to live in packs, they needed to hunt prey. Their stomachs are naturally predisposed to eat raw meat just like their wild ancestors- wolfs.

BARF diet for Frenchies can include feeding a dog with raw meat and boiled veggies because some of them must be processed. It should be noted that meat should be fresh and bought in a reputable butchery store to avoid any stomach infections.

The role of a bowl

Since Frenchies tend to choke while eating due to their brachycephalic skulls, it’s recommended to allow them to eat from an anti-choke feeding bowl. They eat fast and literally inhale the air. That’s why bowls for French bulldogs should contain a rotating part in the middle to prolong the time of eating. Click on the following image to discover the following feeding bowl. This Frenchie bowl will prolong your dog’s meal for at least 10 minutes and will make him work for his food.

diet for a french bulldog

What is CBD in French bulldog food?

As your pooch gets old, he might experience painful joints and mobility issues. That’s why vets and health specialists allow using CBD oil for easing a dog’s pains. It is completely harmless and helps our canines deal with arthritic pains. On the other hand, there are also studies that show the positive effect this oil leaves on a dog’s overall health.

CBD will not get you high as THC which is another compound of the Cannabis sativa plant. Lately, it can be found in different dog food brands or treats, so people feel thankful that they can now help their dogs to deal with age.

How does CBD affect the dog’s health?

CBD oil doesn’t help only in treating arthritic pains but also helps in dealing with anxiety, seizures, cancer diseases, and diabetes. The cannabinoid receptor proteins regulate a number of cognitive and physiological processes. As a result, a dog’s body makes a good balance by decreasing pains and improving the new cell production. When we talk about the amount of CBD treats that you should consider giving your dog, you should include them gradually. By monitoring your dog’s behavior you can later increase the amount of these snacks.

The good news is that CBD oil can cause minimal side effects such as the dry mouth and lower blood pressure. They can occur only in case you overdose on your little gremlin. It also should be noted that cheap CBD treats are of lower quality. They are rich in artificial colors and flavors, therefore, they leave minimal amelioration to your dog’s body.

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